Monday, May 07, 2007

YouTube Survey Results


As you know, Carbondale is not a big city like Chicago, but I’m sure that it must be a good place to do survey. People that I asked to do the survey were so kind and very welcome to answer many questions. In news talk class, we decided to do a survey on YouTube because it has many controversial issues. We were divided into three groups; privacy, copyrights, and government control. I decided that I would do a survey about privacy because it’s becoming very controversial issue not only on YouTube, but also on every part of places in the world. Then, I wanted to know how Americans think about their privacy and how come they think about it. I distributed fifteen copies of the survey paper among members of SIUC soccer club. They were so nice to me, because no one complained to me about this huge survey. At the time that I gave survey paper to them, many people said that YouTube is so nice, and watching someone’s embarrassing scene is funny and makes them laugh. However, if they walk in victim’s shoes, they said that they will be mad, and try to sue someone who sends their pictures without their permission. I thought I also would feel that way.

After doing the survey and watching its results, I saw that 91 percents of Americans have heard of YouTube, and 76 percents of them use YouTube to watch movie clips. As a result, I found that males are much more likely to watch YouTube than females. Also, according to the survey, 92 percents of Americans have cell-phone and 76 percents of them have cell-phone cameras. Moreover, approximately 50 percents of Americans think the law should punish people who film you without your permission. In addition, Americans who think that people should be allowed to take any picture of anyone who is in public are 50 percents. Also, males are more likely to agree with taking any picture of anyone who is in public than females.

Individually, I was curious to see some questions about cell-phone camera in this survey because in Japan, we also have some serious problems of the way to use cell-phone cameras in public. When I looked at this result, there was nothing to surprise for me. However, when I looked at the result of the question which is that people should be allowed to take any picture of anyone who is in public, I was surprised because only around 50 percents of Americans answered “No”, which means another 50 percents of them don’t mind if they are taken their pictures secretly in public by someone. In Japan, there are some ways to protect people who are taken their pictures unconsciously by someone secretly. For example, as American cell-phone may have, when you try to take any picture by using Japanese cell-phone, your cell-phone will give sound. The sound is like alarm, so all people around you can notice who took a picture just now. I think this survey is really good because it tells us a lot of facts that people think of YouTube, but if I raise some negative points in this survey, I would point out why it did not ask how YouTube change in the future; is there still YouTube or same kinds of places where people can exchange their clips and watch movies for free after ten years? The reason why I want to know is that internet technology is improving day by day, so people’s privacy might be totally lost in the future unless improving internet technology stops. Therefore, I thought asking Americans about it would be important. Finally, after I watched results of the survey, I noticed that Many Americans are more interested in YouTube than I thought, and they think it’s very controversial. Therefore, I’ll keep my eyes on this controversial issue from now on.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hello to less privacy


I read this article which is entitled Hello To Less Privacy, and written by Puente, M. it's about privacy. Now, stealing our privacy and leaking to everyone by someone else are getting easy. In You Tube world, our privacy are disturbed easily. As technologies such as cell phone camera are released and improved, our privacy tend to be stolen, especially the days when something happens in front of public. many celebrities are afraid of it. Also, they are often taken their embarrassed pictures secretly and they come out in public as Paparazzi. These happenings are increasing day by day. In the future, if technologies improve, people will be able to take someone's pictures secretly, and it will be easy to put on web site such as You Tube. It will almost be time to say hello to less privacy.

After I read this article, I felt that even at this moment, someone might be taking a picture of me and putting it on You Tube. That would be terrible, so I felt scary. I'm also one of the avid fans of You Tube, and watch some funny videos, movies, and musics. From You Tube watchers' perspectives, it will be funny and it makes them smile. On the other hand, from perspectives of people whose pictures came out in public through You Tube accidentally, they must be embarrassed and it makes them very disappointed. Therefore, this issue has many controversial points. In my opinion, I think some of embarrassed pictures must be deleted by government as soon as possible. I also think You Tube itself should be illegalized for disturbing people's copyrights. However, after finishing up this assignment, I'll go to You Tube and listen some musics. Now, I see that all people are selfish for it including me!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Which Player Is an Appropriate Winner?


I found this article which is entitled Despite head-butt, Zidane wins Golden Ball. I retrieved it from, and it is published by the Associated Press. The article discusses that Zinedine Zidane who was a captain of France won the Golden Ball award for the tournament’s best player in the vote by journalists, even though he sent off for head-butting Marco Materazzi who is one of the Italian players at the final of the World Cup 2006 in Germany. According to the article, he actually couldn’t perform very well in some games including opening game, but he showed some great performances in many games as he digested and won some games. Comparatively, Cannavaro who was a captain of Italy led an Italian defense and lost only two goals in the tournament. The final was his 100th game as a captain for Italy. According to the article, many critics or experts voted for Cannavaro as the winner. Diego Maradona who was a winner in the World Cup 1986 also tipped him.

In my opinion, Cannavaro was more appropriate player to win the Golden Ball award than Zidane. Actually, I like Zidane’s performance very mach, but I think Cannavaro performed very well more than Zidane at least at this World Cup. I have some reasons why Cannavaro was more appropriate player to get the award than Zidane.
First, Cannavaro played an active part in every single game, even though his position was defense. He led an Italian defense and lost only two goals in the tournament.
Second, Italy finally won the World Cup. The best player should be selected from the team which won the World Cup.
Third, Zidane offended against the rule, and sent off at the final. According to “Zidane Says Italian Insulted Mother, Sister” (2006), the author says that “Zidane explained what caused him to react in fury and head-butt an Italian opponent: repeated harsh insults about his mother and sister” (para. 2). Of course, Zidane would be angry at the time, but I think what he lost his mind and as a result did head-butt to Italian player was his responsibility. I think even though he was insulted about that, he should have controlled his mind.
Therefore, I think Cannavaro was the most valuable player and should have won the Golden Ball award instead of Zidane in the World Cup.

Zidane says Italian insulted mother, sister (2006, July 10). The Associated Press. Retrieved April 7, 2007 from

Friday, March 02, 2007

A Leap in Solar Power


In an article entitled “Environment: Problems and Solutions”, Miller (1994) says “Our current dependence on nonrenewable fossil fuels is the primary cause of air and water pollution, land disruption, and projected global warming and climate change; and affordable oil will probably be depleted within 40 to 80 years and will need to be replaced by other alternatives” (p. 80). From this article, it is obvious that people will have to use other forms of energy instead of fossil fuels in the future. However, there are a lot of arguments not only environmentalists, but also among geographers and even economists about which alternative energy is the most efficient. Nowadays, they start to realize that using solar energy is more useful than using any other energy, and now most people are becoming curious about using solar energy because of its harmlessness, unlimited capacity, diversity, and cost-efficient.

To gather solar energy, a solar energy system that converts solar energy into electricity is required. In truth, as following article say, solar energy history extends much further back than people might think. Surprisingly, solar energy systems have been outlined by a lot of inventors since 1870s.In an article entitled “Solar Energy History”, the author says “William Adams used mirrors and the sun to power a steam engine during the 1870s. His design is still in use today….In the later 1880s, Charles Tellier installed a solar energy system to heat the water in his house” (2007). As solar systems have become popular, many types of solar energy systems have invented. First, concentrating solar power is known as very useful and popular energy in many countries. In “Concentrating Solar Power Ready To Replace Fossil Fuels, Say Colorado Ratepayers”, the author explains that “This solar power can directly replace the burning of fossil fuels to heat water and produce steam” (2006, para. 2). What’s more, solar thermal hot water systems are one of the most popular and high quality systems so far. According to Herzfeld (2004), “Solar thermal systems, which use sunlight to heat water in rooftop collectors that is then stored in tanks for use throughout the home, are the wave of the future” (para. 2). Although some opponents are still pointing out its disadvantages, most people actually think that solar energy has much more advantages than disadvantages. In addition, many countries’ governments recommend using solar energy, and they support people who try to use solar energy aggressively.

First of all, solar energy is harmless not only for the Earth, but also for people. Solar energy does not pollute water, air, or land. First, water pollution during operation is extremely low because solar systems do not generate any harmful elements such as mercury. Therefore, these substitutes never arise and go into rivers or oceans and cause water pollution. Second, solar energy does not pollute air from its manufacture because sunlight does not contain any harmful elements such as carbon dioxide. On the other hand, when people burn fossil fuels such as coal to convert them into other energy, they generate carbon dioxide. In “Renewable Energy Technology: An Urgent Need, a Hard Sell” Kozloff (1994), say “Carbon dioxide emissions resulting from the burning of fossil fuels, especially coal, are huge contributors to the rising risk of climate change, and they are projected to increase” (para. 2). Thus, using fossil fuels including coal pollutes air, and it might cause acid rain and deforestation. Finally, using solar energy does not disturb land. People usually set up solar systems on the roof of their houses or buildings, so solar systems do not need much space. However, when people construct dams or windmills for getting energy from water or wind, a large space is required. Building these constructions causes land destruction. Comparatively, the possibility of solar energy destroying environment of the Earth is quite low. As a result, if people try to use solar energy as possible as they can instead of other energy, the Earth will escape from some environmental problems such as air pollution, deforestation, and acid rain.

Second, sunlight is unlimited. In Chiang’s article entitled “Recharge! In a Polluted World, Can Nature Provide Cleaner Energy? – Renewable Energy”, she says “The sun is expected to shine for another 4 billion years” (2003, para. 7). In addition, according to Kozloff (1994), “Because sun, wind, and other such energy sources are inexhaustible, they can fuel economic development forever” (para. 3). As these articles state, sunlight is an inexhaustible and renewable energy. Therefore, if people set up solar systems once, they do not need to waste energy any more. In contrast, if people continue to use fossil fuels such as oil and coal, these energy resources will decrease and finally run out. If fossil fuels run out, no one in any country will get any energy. As Solleder (2004) states “Sunlight is an unlimited resource that can help reduce the country’s reliance on foreign fuel supplies” (para. 8). To save fossil fuels, therefore, people should use solar energy. Nonrenewable energy such as fossil fuels will run out someday, but solar energy will never run out in the future.

Third reason to support for solar energy is its diversity. Solar energy has a lot of uses. Then, the most popular use is to heat buildings. To use solar energy to heat buildings, a passive solar heating system is required. In “Environment: Problems and Solutions”, Miller (1994) says “A passive solar heating system captures sunlight within a structure and converts it into low-temperature heat for space heating” (p. 88). Water can also be heated by solar energy by the same method. In addition, solar cars are gradually becoming popular. Nowadays, many car companies are trying to invent high efficient solar cars. In “Car Engines Going Solar”, the author insists that “Solar cells may soon hold the key for cleaner burning and more efficient car engines, lighter-weight satellites, and even moon colonies” (2002, para. 1). Therefore, it is good for use of solar energy not only for cars, but also many things. In the future, solar energy is necessary in society for its diversity.

However, some opponents claim that solar energy is not practical. They criticize that current costs of solar systems are high. However, these people are forgetting something important: most of governments help people using solar energy, and when people look at the life-cycle cost of solar energy, they realize that the cost is much lower than any other energy. In Herzfeld’s article entitled “Sun Power: Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems Save Energy and Money”, he says, “Although the systems are expensive--$1,500 to $4,500, installed--they easily can be rolled into a mortgage. What’s more, state incentives, particularly in the Sun Belt, make it possible to recoup the initial system costs” (2004, para. 10). Furthermore, these days, many countries’ governments follow the United States government, and give a lot of incentives to people who try to use solar systems so that they can cut down their initial costs of solar energy systems. Therefore, people can install solar systems easily if their governments support budgets because even though the construction cost is not cheap, the life-cycle cost of operation is very cheap in terms of unlimited use. In other words, people can recuperate initial costs over time because they do not need to pay electric bill any more. Therefore, as people use solar energy systems for a long time, they will realize how profitable they are.

In conclusion, solar energy is the most appropriate energy for the Earth as well as for humans. If people do not try to use solar energy, and still continue to depend on fossil fuels, environmental destruction will certainly go on, and fossil fuels will run out soon. Not only to stop polluting the Earth, but also to stop running out fossil fuels, each country’s government has to encourage people to use solar energy more. Also, each person should know the variety of the use of solar energy, and use it instead of fossil fuels so that they can save both money and energy. Now, popularity of solar energy is spreading out steadily. In the future, most people will be able to depend on solar energy as long as the sun exists. Now is the time to think about the use of solar energy more seriously.


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Inportance of Seatbelt


Nowadays, many people do not want to use seatbelts. In “Seatbelt Safety” the author tells us that “as many as 20% of car users might not be not wearing seatbelts” (2006, para. 5). Although it is totally illegal not to fasten seatbelts, it is difficult to believe they do not fasten their seatbelts. People sometimes feel that fastening seatbelts is somewhat troublesome but it is better than death. However, seatbelts can save their life from traffic accidents even though accidents are grave. Therefore, seatbelts should be required. If people take seatbelts, they can keep comfortable posture, they do not need to care traffic police officer’s check, and they do not need to be afraid of death.

First, driving posture is important for safe driving, and seatbelts makes comfortable posture. If people do not fasten seatbelts, they cannot keep their good posture. As a result, their attention for driving is getting worth as they drive for a long time. Reckless driving often causes car accidents. Also, bad posture might cause lethargy. In fact, many car accident’s causes are driver’s lethargic driving. To keep good posture, a seatbelt must be required.

Second, using a seatbelt is the one way to escape from a traffic police officer’s check. Driving without fastening a seatbelt is illegal in most countries, and traffic police officer’s always try to check for drivers who do not fasten seatbelts. If they are arrested by traffic police officers, they have to pay a fine. Surprisingly, the fine is very expensive. On the other hand, if they fasten seatbelts, they never need to worry about a traffic police officer’s check, and do not need to waste their money anymore. Using a seatbelt is important not only for saving live, but also for saving money.

Third, a seatbelt saves driver’s life. This is the most important function of a seatbelt. If drivers use seatbelts when they drive their cars and have some car accidents, the percentage of survival rates increase dramatically. Therefore, forgetting to use a seatbelt is the same as wasting life. Also, fastening a seatbelt can minimize driver’s and passenger’s injuries if they have car accidents and have even some injuries. A seatbelt holds their bodies so that their bodies cannot move and burst when they are involved car accidents. Therefore, driver’s and passenger’s life is directly connected to a seatbelt.

However, some drivers do not want to use seatbelts. They criticize that a seatbelt sometimes might be a dangerous thing because if a car accident happens, the car might wreck. Then, if the driver fastens a seatbelt, he cannot get out of the car or he might be shut into the car. As a result, he might die for smashup. However, this kind of accident is really rare. Fastening a seatbelt should be required even though there is the disadvantage like this. Up to now many people has been saved by seatbelts.

In conclusion, using seatbelts is really important for keeping good posture, escaping from traffic police officers, and saving life. Most countries try to legislate to the new law that fastening a seatbelt must be required to all passengers in cars. In “York, Adams seat-belt use at an all-time high”, the author states that “This year, seat belt use in York County was 87.74 percent, compared to 86.70 percent in 2005. And in Adams County this year, seat belt use was 90.23 percent, compared to the 83.56 percent recorded in 2005” (2006, para. 1). Thus, importance of a seatbelt becomes known to almost all countries in the world. Driving without a seatbelt is like suicide. To reduce the death rates of car accidents, a seatbelt must be required.

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Solar Thermal Hot Water System


In H’s article entitled “Sun Power: Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems Save Energy and Money”, he points out that solar thermal hot water systems are very good devices because they save both energy and money. First of all, he states that solar thermal systems are gradually becoming popular in a lot of places in the United States because of their good performance. He also states that many solar thermal systems are used in public, municipal, or government buildings because these spaces consume large quantities of water. Next, he claims that solar thermal systems are very useful because they generate electricity, and reduce homeowner’s expenses. Third, he points out some disadvantages of solar thermal systems. He also states these devices are difficult to sell because the cost is quite expensive and other replacements might be required to maintain these devices. In conclusion, the author suggests that everything that is related to solar is developing day by day; therefore, solar thermal systems will be used in coming years.

It is clear that solar thermal systems are really useful because of their energy efficiency. Then, they can save not only energy but also money. The author has a good point. Solar thermal systems have many advantages. Therefore, the governments of each country should recommend that people use more solar energy from solar thermal systems than any other energy for protecting environment, reducing energy consumption, and saving money.

First, using solar thermal systems helps environment of the Earth because they never produce harmful substances such as carbon dioxide. In “Environment: Problems and Solutions”, Miller (1994) said “Solar cells produce no heat-trapping carbon dioxide during use. Air and water pollution during operation is extremely low. Air pollution from their manufacture is low, and land disturbance is very low for roof-mounted systems” (p. 88). Therefore, the possibility that they destroy environment of the Earth is quite low. If people try to use solar energy instead of fossil fuels, the Earth will escape from some environmental problems such as air pollution or acid rain.

Second, solar thermal systems can reduce the consumption of the use of fossil fuels. Solar thermal systems use sunlight to heat water in rooftop collector and store in tanks for use throughout the home. Since sunlight is unlimited, people can use solar energy forever unless the sun dies or the device goes out of order. However, if they continue to use fossil fuels such as oil, these energy resources will decrease and finally run out as we use them. Therefore, solar thermal systems are very useful because the solar energy is never run out.

Finally, if people use fossil fuels, they have to use a large amount of cost to mine this energy and convert them into other energy. On the other hand, if people start to use solar thermal systems, they can save their money because they can get energy from the sun for free. As a result, even though they have to pay money for initial costs, they can get and use energy for a long time for free if they buy these devices once. Therefore, solar thermal systems are very economical devices.
In conclusion, using solar thermal systems has a lot of benefits such as protecting environment of the Earth, decreasing energy consumption, and saving money. Since it has useful function, people should try to use solar thermal systems more aggressively. In fact, solar thermal systems are becoming popular among a lot of countries to save other resources. Since natural resources should be preserved for people in the future, solar power is necessary so that they could live on the Earth forever.


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TOEFL Tells a Lie


Today, TOEFL is known as a good test to measure English skills for entering university in the United States. TOEFL is composed of three sections: listening section, grammar section, and reading section. Many teachers believe that the TOEFL can measure student’s English skills because the skills which are used in the TOEFL are really useful to students who want to take classes at university in the United States. Then, they recommend taking TOEFL to their students. However, almost all students criticize it, especially paper based test because the TOEFL cannot measure speaking and writing skills, TOEFL score often changes irregularly, and taking TOEFL takes a long time.

First, some skills cannot be judged by the TOEFL. TOEFL does not contain a speaking section, so it is impossible to measure how well people speak. As a result, even though there is a person who has good speaking skills such as accent, pronunciation, and fluency, he will not show these skills on the TOEFL. Also, TOEFL does not contain a writing section, so it cannot test writing skill. If you can write essay very well, you cannot show the skill on the TOEFL. Therefore, TOEFL makes disadvantages to the people who have good writing or speaking skills.

Second, scores on the TOEFL often go up and down. Scores might change depending on student’s condition. If they take the TOEFL when they are sick, they may not concentrate on the TOEFL. Then, their score will go down. On the other hand, if they are in good condition, they may concentrate on it. As a result, they may get a good score. Scores might also change depending on the subject. If there is the subject that they already know, they can solve the questions easily. However, if there is the subject that they have never seen before, it will make them nervous. Then, they cannot keep their attention anymore. Therefore, TOEFL score does not tell us exact and real ability.

Third, taking TOEFL takes a lot of time. It takes almost three hours, and people start to feel bored gradually as time goes past. If they feel bored, they might be sleepy, and most people lose their attention while they are fighting sleep. Also, they usually start to feel strain as they solve many questions. As their attention goes down, they will be discomposed. Then, they cannot keep the focus any more. Without the focus, they cannot show their real ability on the TOEFL. Therefore, it is difficult to measure English skills by the TOEFL.

Opponents who think that TOEFL is very useful to students who want to take classes at university in the United States claim that the TOEFL inspires students to study hard. However, most students actually do not study like this. Lazy students such as the students who try to cheat other student’s paper are still increasing. Also, there are many students who try to guess the answers at random such as CCC because all of the questions in the TOEFL are multiple choice. If they guess like this, there is a high probability that they can check the correct answers. Thus, TOEFL makes students lazy. Therefore, TOEFL actually does not inspire students to study hard. In fact, TOEFL may make some bad effects on students.

In conclusion, TOEFL does not always measure student’s English skills because of missing some sections, irregular subjects, and taking a long time. TOEFL also should be fair to all students who want to measure their English skills. Then, TOEFL should have speaking and writing section in order to judge all English skills. Also, TOEFL should offer questions that nobody knows (It might be impossible), and TOEFL should be more fun. Unless TOEFL includes these ideas, it must be difficult to measure student’s English skills on the TOEFL.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Summary of "Memory Could Link to Attention Span"


In his article entitled “Memory Could Link to Attention Span”, Scarpa, S. (2003) said that researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia are trying to find how much information a human being can memorize at any given moment. Nelson Cowan and Scott Sauls do the study for the working memory. They say this study would give cardinal information to educators. According to them, a working memory is the quantity of information a human hold in mind to complete a mental task. From their experiments, the human mind memorizes information by categorizing it into some logical order. The researchers found that adult could memorize more chunks of information than children by using test information which has no relationship by connected items together. Cowan asserts some general tips. Insubordination would not necessarily mean opposition on the group of students. Thus, the researchers state that children may have good attention span, if they have a good working memory.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Summary response of New Views on Video Violence


In the article “New Views on Video Violence” by Dorothy and Jerome Singer, the authors state that watching violence on TV has more negative effects on children than reading violent stories. First, watching TV makes children feel scared by using various technologies like a camera. Second, children tend to spend much more time watching television, according to the statistics. Third, it is easier to understand what television says than reading a book for young children. Fourth, when the scary books are read by parents, they can express the stories more mildly to their children. Finally, when children read scary books, they can control the reading speed and reread the books whenever they want. In conclusion, the author suggests that watching violent TV make more serious effects on children than reading violent stories. I agree with this article, and I think watching violence on TV causes more serious problems than reading a book.
One of my reasons is that when you watch TV, you usually can see live people on the TV. In the killing scenes, TV can describe more grotesque by using live people. On the other hand, a book cannot describe the killing scenes vividly. When you read about the killing scene in the book, you always have to think and image about the scene in your brain. In addition to this, you can image the scene more mildly so that you don’t feel scary. Watching the live persons’ killing scenes impresses stronger impacts for children than reading a book.
Another my reason is that there are many murder games. Those games can sweep away children easily. Almost all boys usually like those games, so especially they tend to be more captivated by those games than girls do. Also those games sometimes teach them how to use a gun, or kill people. Therefore, it is ironic that those games can be good demonstration of murder for children.
All in all, there are many problems when you watch violence on TV. Then, the problems are more serious than reading a book for those reasons. If children continue to watch killing scenes, and also play killing games on TV, I think that they might be felonious murders someday. Therefore, I think watching violence on TV gives worse effects to children than reading a book.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Weblog Assignment #5


I visited this web site. If you visit this web site, you can get the information about DOOM (the name of a killing game). This computer game was developed by id Software in 1993. This is one of the most famous first-person shooter games in the world. Now, there are several series because these games have a high popularity among young men. On the other hand, there are many arguments against killing scenes, and shoot-out scenes in these games.

My opinion

I think these killing games may cause serious problems for young people, because if you play these games, these teach you how to use a gun, kill people, and something like that. Moreover, if you continue to play these games, you might get an illusion. Then, you will become unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Even though these games are liked by young people, I don't think these are really good for those reasons.